Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spinning like a top!

Did you ever play along to that song as a kid, where the words were "blah blah something... spinning like a top" and everyone was meant to go spinning around? No? Me neither. But the kids I used to babysit did. They would spin and spin and spin, until I was sure I was going to see their dinner again.

Today a wore a wonderful new (to me) skirt that my friend Kerryn gave me. It is so exciting and swirly that it made me want to spin around like an over-excited four year old. My beloved photographer is out of town tonight, so I had some fun with my self-timer. I am kind of excited about the messy results! I have been reading about the way Julia Margaret Cameron embraced the mistakes in her photography and am beginning to think she really had something going there. Mess is fun. (A post on her to come later this week).

 scarf - gift from my mother's trip to Milan
tops - Giordano and Supre
skirt - gift from Kerryn (thanks Kerryn!!)
tights - Myer

here is a neat one for you to see the awessome colours:

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