Saturday, October 23, 2010

Farewell: The Bathroom

We have now begun to count down the days till we move out of our apartment. I'm in two minds about it all: one (and probably the bigger one) is thinking AAGG... MOVING. This first mind is also cranky that I love so many 'things' and love to hold on to 'stuff'. This mind is also very jealous of Ian's ability to live out of a single chest of drawers and his incredibly capacity for throwing things away. The second mind is busy being sentimental - about holding on to all my precious 'things' and 'stuff', and about how much I have enjoyed living here. It will be sad to say goodbye.

So I have decided to run a little series of posts inspired by our place. First up - the bathroom. Our building is an art-deco block and our bathroom looks original. I absolutely love it. The colours, the tiles, the bath... love love love. This may be the result of seeing many an awful share house bathroom (clear toilet seats with sand inside?? really??) coupled with growing up in a house with a truly woeful bathroom that I can only describe as 'Grandma goes '70s'. Our bathroom here is small, but perfectly practical. I love the solid fittings and green/mustard colour combination.

 top - thrifted from The Red Cross shop
belt - Dotti
velvet skit - Bang
tights - Susan
shoes - the white ones are from Target and the ones below are Django and Julitte


  1. I've never seen bathroom photos this classy!

    And thus begins The Great Return East... Good luck with your move love.

  2. This makes me wonder how many bathroom pics you've seen??
    We could have a reciprica; post series - disco hour needs a some special tribute!

  3. hehe you made me laugh with your entry. so cute!!!

  4. I do love deco bathrooms, when did everything get so boring and white?

  5. I love your bathroom, especially the colors of the tiles! I hope that your new bathroom will be just as lovely! And what a beautiful top, I love how it matches the color scheme.

  6. I love it! You look beautiful and I agree, the bathroom is cute. I can't believe you're going to be an Eastie again!

  7. The tile colour combination is so cheery - fairwell photos are a great idea. It 's funny how fast I forgot about the places I've lived Only when I come across some old photos it all comes back to me :)

    On a different note: Your top is to die for! Love your style. And thanks so much for your comment. Really made my day :)

    Have a great week!


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