Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Boho Ball

Well it seems that while the 'who's who' of the fashion world went off to Carine Roitfield's little masquerade doo to celebrate the Vogue's 90th anniversary, I was perfectly on trend, attending a masquerade event of my very own. It may not have featured a guest-list of models and designers, but the Bohemian Masquerade Ball was pretty fabulous. Ladies and gents dressed in a whole host of interpretations of the theme - from hippie burlesque, to Marie-Antoinette look-alikes - there was plenty of people-watching with a fine backing track of gypsy-inspired music. Unfortunately, I have to say, the Factory Theatre was a terrible venue. It has the ambiance of an RSL (I know you told me Soph - but I wouldn't listen!), and the drinks were outrageously expensive. I won't be heading there any time again soon!

I took my outfit inspiration from Frida Kahlo (pictured below). I have long admired her art, but also her style - the bold colours and elaborate hair-dos. I popped down to the $2 store for some fake flowers to sew onto a ribbon for a hair accessory (I actually bought too many, so if any one would like a Kahlo-topper, let me know!). I made my mask from red cardboard and used, dried tea bags which were ripped then  'artistically' glued (read blotchy) to the cardboard. I also made a mask for Ian using the same method, but red lolly wrappers, sewn on with gold thread at the edges. A few swirly bits and my new corset and I was all set to go!

 Image from here

We ran into the writer (Alli Sebastian Wolf) and cast (below) of The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate, who were about to go on stage in the theatre next door for their final night.

A Melbourne band, The Barons of Tang, had the most incredible bass clarinetist. She played with such gusto! 

Ian took a few outfit photos when we got home. Apologise for the crappy quality, but my camera is afraid of the dark.

shirt - small shop on Gould st, Bondi
corset - What Katie Did
crinoline - thrifted
skirt - Portmans
scarves - flea markets
bag - girft from Stella
shoes - ?
hair flowers - DIY

The man behind the camera in a post-party daze.
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