Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beeep beeep beep

I normally wake up to my alarm(the title is my obnoxious alarm sound), hit snooze, then lie in a half-dream/sleep state deciding what to wear for the day. The alarm often goes off again, and we repeat the process several times, but lately, as I lie there with my wardrobe choices dancing in my mind, I have been drawing a blank. I don't know if it is the weird not-spring-not-winter weather, or the fact that my brain doesn't work properly in 'snooze state'. Or the fact that I find it a bit dis-orienting, looking at all the lovely northern hemisphere blogs I follow, and being seduced by all the autumnal inspiration, when I should really be thinking about blossom and lattes in the sun.

So here it is: things I like right now (and some I have liked for a while): Blue; Green; and Red. Hopefully these images will melt into my sub-conscious and inspire some exciting new outfits! Or perhaps just getting up after the first snooze.

1. Detail from Holman Hunt's Finding the Savior in the Temple (1854-60)
3. Hellcat vintage on Etsy
4. Flowers and Florals by Rob Yee
(Go check out his blog - he is amazing)
5. Rossetti, The Beloved (1865-6)
6. Eek I can't remember which collection! from
7. Rossetti, The Blue Bower (1865)
8. Water colour sketches by Rob Yee
9. I can't remember!


  1. Bonjour! That last photo is in fact of me, Audrey Tattoo, croissant am I not le beautiful?

  2. julien from leichhardtOctober 15, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    in the movie ... un long dimanche de fiancailles


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