Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mary had a little dress...

I wandered down to the Anglicare depot a few weekends ago. They sell the second-hand clothes for $6 a kilo before they get sorted and sent off to their stores. I didn't realise it, but I was clearly channeling some spring pastel-ness in the colours I chose. I was looking for sheets or massive dresses that I could use for fabric to make up some of my new patterns.
I used this blue sheath dress and the lace 'Mary-and-her-little-lamb' curtain to make a '50s style summer dress.I cut the dress off at waist length (plus seam allowance). I used the old skirt plus an extra meter of blue cotton and attached to the lace and then gathered it till it fit the waist. Surprisingly simply to do. I will have to hassle Ian for some photos of the dress in action!


  1. that blue dress is gorgeous! and i want the cardigan(?) with the rabbits on the pockets!!

  2. I've always wondering what the address for that Anglicare depot was... could you share?


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