Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Bits of Green

Spring is slowly sneaking out. The trees on my street have little bits of green sneaking out day by day. But the weather hasn't quite made it into that glorious spring sunshine - I can't wait!!

Today Ian and I strolled down to Summer Hill for mid-morning coffee, and snapped this photos at the old Post Office. It is all boarded up now and doesn't seem to be used for anything. I hope some day someone takes it on and breathes some life back into it!

I love pixelated mosaics. It is high Victorian meets '80s computer graphics - awesome. These shoes are new and exciting - they are super super comfy. I got them from the lady with the delightful little shoe store at the end of Glebe pt Rd. She is so nice, and seems to read my mind when she chooses her stock.

These last two photos were in response to something Ian said, but I like the way it looks - from my reactions- like some terrible monster is about to break loose from the building and gobble us up!

Top - ?
Belt - thrifted
Skirt - Portmans
Tights -- Myer
Bag - Beacon's Closet
Shoes - Soft Waves

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