Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hermes in the Garden

These photos have some of my favorite things: flowers; Kate; a Greek god; and cool clothes. Kate is my super smart, stunning well-dressed friend who studies Art History and whom I distract with endless requests for coffee dates around campus. We stumbled upon the vice-chancellor's garden in full bloom last week - isn't it incredible?

I love Mr.Hermes there, frozen for eternity, no doubt on some all-important quest to deliver a message. He is the god of weary travellers, which I think is very fitting for the grounds of an academic institution, aching with the loads of weary students - their minds wandering on journeys between Serious Ideas and day dreams. He is also pretty style-savvy with those winged shoes he so often sports. I saw a pair of suede platform heels with gold wings embroidered on them somewhere on my inter-web wanderings (I wish I could remember where!) that channeled the Hermes spirit, although I am not sure their height would help the wearer in their travels.

Kate is the queen of stripes - I love the way she mixes them with a floral scarf and wooden bangles. I would never think to put them together - but it is magic. She also has an incredible hat collection, that will hopefully feature here another time!

I was wearing this dress, but with my new white stockings from Alannah Hill; my super-awesome shoes that make me feel like I should be in a Rococo painting and a belt I made last week.


  1. Ah I love all the spring flowers that have been popping up lately :) They all smell so delicious, and I love your dress, it looks like the perfect spring time dress.

  2. Hey, nice photos Bec! I have to do some wandering around usyd one weekend.

  3. We gif these lovely photos a 10/10!


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