Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fifties Fair- part 2

This is my loot from the fifties fair! In general the stalls tend to be waayy over priced, but there are some guys who sell patterns that always seem like a good deal. At least they compare well with the prices I have seen on etsy, especially because there is no shipping rate!

The gloves matched my outfit perfectly - and I wore them most of the day as you can see in part one. I also bought the sunnies and wore them in the afternoon sun. They are repros, listed as 'Jackie-O style'. I am super excited about the fabric! It is SERIOUSLY bright - I love the clash of pink and red. I am thinking of making it into a simple little shift dress, or do you think the first dress pattern pictured below would work? It is 90cm by about 2.5m - so enough to make most dresses.


  1. Oh, wow, awesome pattern haul!! I am envious!! BTW, half your patterns arrived (Butterick and Vogue) the others are ordered but haven't arrived. Hopefully soon I'll get them and post the lot!

  2. woo hoo! I love this extended birthday! Thank you!


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