Monday, August 30, 2010

Fifties Fair - Part 1

Last Sunday was the annual '50s fair at Rose Seidler House, put on my the Historic Houses Trust. I went with my lovely friend K - that's us pictured above with a car I wish was mine!

The fair is set around the house designed by Harry Seidler for his parents in 1948-50. Seidler did not change the grounds much, so there is a strong feel of the Australian bush. There are gum trees and rocks with bushy scrub. The actual house is quite modest, but placed on the hill side to take in the lovely views. It is very Mod, decorated in bright primary colours with simple shapes and clean lines. You can read more about it here.

The fair was absolutely HUGE - It must have been the biggest ever. Literally thousands of people!! It was actually quite overwhelming at times, wading through the crowds, but it was also lovely to see so many people dressed up so beautifully in their own interpretation of fifties attire.

I wore a dress I bought from Clever Nettle for my sister's wedding last year. It was perfect for the early spring weather. I also wore the stockings from this post I was suprised that, not only did they fit, but they were actually very comfortable even though they did not have the stretch I am used to. I lent K- a dress I bought recently on ebay. It suited her perfectly!

The ladies below stopped me to comment on my dress - but it was the strangest thing - I have actually seen the girl sitting in the middle before! She is at the same university as me, and I have often coveted her outfits as I have seen her around campus. I think she might have thought I was an insane stalker when I told her that! She and her Friends looked totally stunning.

Above is one of K-'s friends with her purchase: an incredible cow milk jug. Look how happy she is!! And below is us trying on some lovely (but -ahem, rather overpriced) hats.

More Friends we bumped into - looking smashing.

These girls looked so picturesque, sitting in one of the rooms in Rose Seidler House, looking out on the (huge!) crowds below and the main stage with Rockabilly bands.

They put up a beauty parlor stall for the day, where you could get your hair and make up done. As you can see - the girls were creating some pretty elaborate concotions!

A mother and daughter - looking smashing. I will show you what I bought in the next post!


  1. Love the photos, hon! That dress is absolutely stunning on you ♥

  2. that girl in the middle who you know from campus is my friend antares! she's awesome, i'll introduce you. :) ah, small world...

  3. Oh Stella you are amazing!! She told me her name and I forgot it 3 seconds later. You;re right... very very small world!

  4. Hello, it's Antares - Stella told me about your blog, so I went hunting! I didn't think you were a stalker; in fact, I'm usually the one in that position in this social relationships game. It was wonderfully odd to be on the other side :) Your photos are lovely. It turns out that we have another friend in common, that dapper young fellow Jack. It is indeed a tiny world...Hope to see you around campus soon -'praps you, Stella and I could have tea? x

  5. Yes! Tea sounds grand. I know Stella is hard to catch - but I am on campus most days, so let me know when ever you are free and I will cross my fingers and hope Stella is down for the day :)


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