Sunday, August 22, 2010

Election 2010

Yesterday, Australia voted, and while some poor chaps sat on stools counting votes, Ian and I went to an election party. I dressed up to match the flag, mustering up some good ol' fashioned nationalist pride - and also managed to wear colours that support both the major parties (labour - red, liberal - blue).

I wasn't sure what to expect from an 'election party', and was a bit worried I might walk into some staunch political rally. I was pleased to find quite the opposite - plenty of lively debate, quips and digs. At the moment it is still undecided as the votes are being counted. The news is calling it a 'nail-biting' affair, because it is so close. Exciting!!

This dress is a nurses uniform that belonged to Ian's grandmother who worked as a nurse in the UK (yes I know!! Not very Aussie after all!). She kept it beautifully with the spare collars and belt etc. I think it is probably from the late '60s. I will take some better photos with the hat sometime - it is a pretty spectacular uniform, I was very grateful to be given it.

beret - myer
dress and belt - vintage nurses uniform
long socks - target
shoes - 'softwave' from the lovely little shoe shop at the end of Glebe pt Rd
bag - nine west
flag - borrowed from Ian


  1. I don't know anything about politics in your country one bit but that sounds so nice that you seemed to be neutral like that. I loved the outfit here.

  2. So cute and I love your haircut too. I need one badddd and I'm loving yours!!!



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