Monday, August 9, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

I have been a bit slow in getting photos posted from my birthday - things have been crazy busy! My actual birthday was pretty hectic, I worked from 9am to 10pm, but managed to squeeze in a nice lunch at my favorite cafe with my dad. Above is the letter I found in my bed when I got home on my birthday. Ian had created a 'bag of money' for me to go and spend as I desired (yes, that is him pictured with a crown!). I think the 'cheap' and 'sale' is meant to be a reference to my love of bargain hunting, and not a comment on my taste in clothes. On Friday I took the day off, went shopping (with my money bag), drank coffee and got my hair cut. It was pure awesome.

Saturday I dressed up for my joint birthday party with Rob (pictured below). A great group of friends gathered at the local pub for cheap beer and some dancing on the table. It was amazing. I also got a whole host of incredible and thoughtful gifts that are sure to make an appearance here on the blog as they are used and treasured.

I wore a red velvet '50s dress that I found in a thrift store in San Francisco many years ago, while visiting my sister. It has some magnificently messy stiching on the inside which makes me think it is hand made. I whipped up the bow (in my hair) in the afternoon, just so it would be clear that I was the birthday girl (because the luminously red dress was not enough).

Rob and me posing with our cards from Amy and Raph

dancing queen...

This is me with Raph - photographer (and hair accesorizer) extraordinaire who snapped most of these pics


  1. Aw, cute card!! And happy birthday!

    Looks like a lot of fun, and everyone should wear a big red bow in their hair on their birthday :)


  2. aw, happy birthday! you picked the perfect dress for the big day too. red is such a stand out color, and what better day to stand out! :)

    i wanted to thank you for your comment on my fashion blues post too. you girls are so awesome in that you reminded me why people started reading my blog to begin with. it's not because of silly trends but b/c my style is unique. i think somewhere along the way i must of lost track of that. thanks so much for setting me back on track! it means the world to me. :)


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