Saturday, July 24, 2010

Governor Macquarie

Last weekend I went with some fellow Macquarie enthusiasts to see 'The Governor' exhibition now on at the New South Wales State Library. I only really discovered how massively awesome Governor Macquarie was this year as I was brushing up my knowledge of Australian History for my research. He arrived in Australia as governor after a bit of a rough time in the colony (after the rum rebellion) where evil military dudes had taken control. But he managed to triumph against adversity and basically built Sydney as we know it today. Anyone is Sydney will know there is heaps of stuff named after him - streets, parks, buildings, a suburb, a bank, a university... etc, largely because he set it all up! He was an incredibly level headed guy who advocated for the working class. Anyway, you can read more about him on here or here.

The exhibition was pretty cool. There were some lovely early paintings and drawings. It was also a little frustrating, because there were lots of original manuscripts on display, opened at a 'particularly interesting page'. All I wanted to do was reach beyond the glass and turn the page to have a peek at what happened next!!

My outfit was a bit of a tribute to Macquarie. I wore a tartan skirt - a nod to his Scottish heritage; good proper colonial-like boots; and a necklace with two cameos - one for each of his great loves (his first wife died very soon after they married).

This is Ian in the foyer of the library, looking at Tasman's map.

skirt - school fair thrift shop
shirt - Portmans
blazer - Cue thirfted
scarf - thrifted
cameos - both gifts
boots - Nu and Nan

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  1. hahaha the expression you made just gets me laughing. it's great.


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