Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Double helping of double trouble

Last week my friend put on a double-bill movie night pairing A Czech film from 1966 called Daisies or Sedmikrásky in Czech, with Thelma and Louise. Both films were fantastic, but the pairing was pretty cool - pairs of girls causing havoc and throwing down all lady-like stereotypes.

Daisies was a great surprise! The plot was mad (which you can read about here), thematically it was well ahead of its time, and aesthetically it was just stunning and cheeky. Check out the stills below! The fashion is unmistakably '60s, but there is an ambivalence to the way the girls wear their clothes that is ahead of its time. There is none of the careful detail or wearing garments 'just so' as you might expect from the '60s.

Images from Here and Here

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