Sunday, July 4, 2010

A day at the Office

This week I visited Ian at his work for a quick coffee break. His office is in some old railway sheds that have been converted into office and conference space. They have preserved heaps of the original features of the buildings, so there are odd bits of railway maintenance gear in the corridors and hanging down from the super high ceilings. One section of the building has been kept as an operating metal workshop. There is a walkway through the middle of it, so the office workers can work right through the tangle of metal and soldering work on their way out to lunch.

Ian took a few shots of my outfit. The dress has come out very blue in the pictures, but is actually really really bright purple. When it gets a bit warmer I will have to get some better photos to get the colour and cute vintage-inspired details that are covered up by the layers here.

dress - MNG
cardigan - SES
scarf - gift from my parent's trip to Milan
tights - not sure!
shoes - Naot
bag - myer

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