Thursday, June 24, 2010


A few days ago I went out to see the Unity Hall big band at the Unity Hall Hotel.The band were fantastic! and the gig is every week AND free. I will definately be back (and hopefully catch some shots of the place!). Next time I also need to take a swing dance partner - there were a few couples out front swinging along with the band.

I wore the skirt I bought from Solanah and posted back in May, but 'remixed' it, putting it together differently. I also shortened it an inch and really love the length now!

skirt - from vixen vintage etsy store
red tank top - myer
black top - supre
green cardigan - op shopped
black cardigann - k-mart
beret - myer
red tights (underneath) - myer
black long socks (on top) - myer
shoes - repetto
bag - op shopped
wow.. so many layers!!

below is a shot of the red tights showing through the black socks - cool hey?


  1. Cute outfit!
    By the way I had my first swing dancing class last week and will have my second today. I love it! Thanks for the info :)


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