Saturday, June 12, 2010

check one two, check one two

Last night I went to my first Swing Pit. Ian and I have been taking lessons with Swing Patrol since the beginning of the year. They are absolutely brilliant. The teachers are all incredibly positive and patient - literally every person who walks through the door is able to dance by the end of the lesson.

So now that we have learned most of the basic patterns we decided we were ready for some social dancing. They started with a lesson on Blues - which was wonderfully simple and cozy for a cold night - then had a few 'micro lessons' throughout the night with refreshers. We really needed them! It is amazing how quickly we have forgotten the steps. Unfortunately it was really dark in the hall and my camera is pretty lousy for night-time, so I didn't get any photos. However, there was a really clear black and red check trend going on. So many girls had cute red and black check shirts. Today I channeled some of it in my outfit.

Below is my camera case and trusty backpack. I got them both from Crumpler when my friend Adina worked there. They are the most practical bags ever (machine washable!!). I am happy to risk looking like a walking advert they are so awesome.

red singlet - myer's basque range
black top - double bay clothing warehouse
kilt - a Melbourne op shop
two pairs of tights layered - ?
shoes - top end from max's shoes
scarf - china town markets
coat - lady moon vintage


  1. I'd love to able to swing dance one day, it sounds great :)
    That skirt looks perfect for it!


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