Saturday, June 19, 2010

Black and Gold

This morning Ian and I wandered up to a new-to-us cafe for coffee. We stopped for a few photos in a little park with the most magnificent climbing tree (evidence below). The dress I wore was a gift from a friend. I haven't worn it before, because I was a bit afraid of how '80s it was. It also fit really poorly through the back. So this week I de-shoulder-padded it, and popped in a couple of darts to accommodate for my sway back. Now I think it is pretty cool!

You can't really see it - but I was pretty excited that the gold ends of my glasses matched the gold buttons on my dress and the gold studs on my bag. I have never considered myself a 'gold' sort of person (perhaps after being scared by the scary old Double Bay ladies who were so weighed down with their gold jewellery they had mobility issues). But look at this! All gold-ed up! Although I like to think this is a 'black and gold - no frills version'.

dress - gift
cardigan - SES
scarf - markets in Thailand
tights - Myer
shoes - Wittner
bag - girft (from Spencer and Rutherford)
glasses - Chloe

Ian looked smashing in his I-don't-have-to-work-as-a-sales-rhino-today stubble, 'russian drug-dealer' jacket, comfy Bec-approved shirt and new birthday bow tie.

We came across these little fellas just as we were deep in conversation about interesting gardens. I liked the way the rocks were painted green - a wonderful low-maintenance lawn.

The gentleman below greeted us from a salon window. I accidentally woke him up while trying to take a photo. But what a cutie-pie! He reminds me of Milo and Otis (which one was the dog??)

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