Friday, May 21, 2010

Lentils and Tulips

Last week my family brought us orange tulips when they came to dinner. I love tulips in winter - each day they have opened a little more and only really hit full bloom a whole week after we received them. Such staying power! In summer you can be out in the heat for five minutes before your tulips have bloomed and died!

We don't have a vase, so I popped them in my reproduction Victorian teapot I thrifted. (I know - how can an ex-florist not own a vase?!).

I love orange tulips, but I was always amused by how popular they were with men. In fact orange flowers in general were always a big hit with men! I have never really understood this, since most men are buying flowers for their lady-friends, and I don't know many women who would walk into a florist and make a beeline for the orange blooms! So why are they such a hit with the men-folk? Could it be that orange isn't too girly and preserves a manly reputation? Or is there some masculine attachment to the phallic shape? Any ideas?

and... lunch today :) yum! Lentils cooked with sage, rosemary, chilly and anchovies, with Ian's home-made rye bread.


  1. i'm one of those ladies who would walk in and buy orange blooms - especially tulips. check out my wedding pics:

  2. Wow!! I love your bouquet! Did you give the florist much direction? Or did they come up with it themselves? It looks so lively :)

  3. my idea. The pin on the bouquet was given to my grandmother at her wedding - it had her old and new initials SGK (Sylvia Gorroway Kaiser). I didn't think i was a picky bride, but i was about the flowers - the boutonnieres were herbs (rosemary, sage, and a few other i can't remember) and the table flowers were only flowers with a rock bed. I didn't want the filler stuff, just flowers.


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