Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Freezing and the Fox Hunt

Sydney is freezing!!! Winter has suddenly struck and I have totally forgotten how to dress for cold weather. Might be time to crack out the coats. (I know 16 degrees C is not really cold... but I'm a wimp!)

Today I wore the skirt I bought from Solanah a few months ago when she was cleaning out her shop. It has the most fantastic print of hunting scenes. I hemmed it a few inches shorter, but am thinking of hemming a few more so it sits just above the knee - what do you think? I feel a little bit frumpy with it at this length. I also wore my newly patched cardigan! woot!

Cardigan - J Crew + my patches
skirt - vixen vintage on etsy
tights - myer? not sure
scarf - markets in Thailand
shoes - Wittners


  1. Wasn't the cardigan from Banana Republic? -- Either way, cute outfit!

  2. Hmm.. you might be right!! ahahah - I have those stores in the same category in my head, and it doesn't have its tag anymore.

    What do you think about making it shorter? I guess I can pin it then decide.


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