Thursday, May 6, 2010

Autumn... Fall...

On the weekend, a friend of mine was complaining that Australia doesn't really do Autumn very well. We don't have many deciduous trees, there is no impending doom of a freezing icy winter, and people never really get into that autumnal pallet. You can really get away with wearing your summer clothes and throwing a jacket on in the evening!

So when we were heading out to celebrate a birthday last night I decided to dress up in Autumn colours. I figure if the trees can't turn brown, red and orange... at least I can turn my outfit!

Hair Bow - thrifted bow tie
Dress - From Etsy
Cardigan - J Crew
Scarf - markets (maybe in Israel?)
belt - Supre
tights - Myer
shoes - china town
bag - 'nine west' gift from my god mother

Apologies for the strange setting of the photos - we were rushing for the train! So the incredibly beautiful cityrail train station serves as a back-drop.


  1. I just saw you're last post where you mentioned Funny Face. I do that too! A few weeks ago I was glum so I popped that in. I think the 'think pink' number sets the mood wonderfully :)

    Anyway whereabouts in Australia do you live? I'm going to visit my sister there this Christmas and would love to learn about the vintage haunts!

  2. Oh goodness that dress is stunning! I love the fabric!

  3. @ B - yes Funny Face is the best pick-me-up!
    I am in Sydney - where abouse is your sister? I'd love to pass on some fun places to check out :)


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