Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mountain Garden

This weekend Ian and I went up to his folk's house in the blue mountains for a family celebration. It was freezing cold up there! But never too cold to take a stroll around their gorgeous garden, complete with fruit trees, vegie patches and chickens!

I love the way Ian's mother has attached hanging pots to the apple tree.

coat - from the Vintage fair in April
dress - Brooklyn flea (it was originally baby blue, but I dyed it)
jumper - thrifted
shirt - ?
tights - H&M gift from my parents from their trip to Finland
shoes - Naot
belt - Top shop

This chicken is a relatively new arrival. I couldn't believe how inquisitive she was!! It was really hard to get her in focus as she tried to check out my camera.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mortar Boards and Ivy

Yesterday my brother graduated with first class hons and a university medal! He is a smart cookie and it is exciting to be able to celebrate it! He looked dashing in his medieval fancy-dress, I particularly liked his tie.

This is me trying to be as tall as my 'baby' brother in an obligatory 'arch way' shot in the quad.

Below is a shot of my brother with my parents all in their academic gear.

I wore a dress I got from a little shop in Newtown. The woman makes them all herself in the shop and alters them to fit each customer perfectly. She has stunning vintage-inspired dresses in some lovely fabrics. There is a red silk one in the window I have been coveting.

Dress - shop in Newtown (I will have to find the name!)
Tights - Myer
Belt - vintage fair
shoes - Naots (you can tell I love these)

Friday, May 21, 2010

A German-Speaking Belt

One of my work-mates gave me this belt a few weeks ago. She bought it in 'a German-speaking country' when she was 18 (she doesn't remember where exactly). It doesn't fit her anymore and she has very kindly passed it on to me. I think it must be from the '80s with that 'v' shape. It has some very cool coins and a tooth/bone-like thing set in the middle.

I had a go at doing my hair in hot rollers today. It was super quick, but the two sides came out curling in different ways. I will need to have another go to figure out what happened there!

top - Cue
belt - gift
skirt - thrifted
tights - Myer
shoes - Naot

Lentils and Tulips

Last week my family brought us orange tulips when they came to dinner. I love tulips in winter - each day they have opened a little more and only really hit full bloom a whole week after we received them. Such staying power! In summer you can be out in the heat for five minutes before your tulips have bloomed and died!

We don't have a vase, so I popped them in my reproduction Victorian teapot I thrifted. (I know - how can an ex-florist not own a vase?!).

I love orange tulips, but I was always amused by how popular they were with men. In fact orange flowers in general were always a big hit with men! I have never really understood this, since most men are buying flowers for their lady-friends, and I don't know many women who would walk into a florist and make a beeline for the orange blooms! So why are they such a hit with the men-folk? Could it be that orange isn't too girly and preserves a manly reputation? Or is there some masculine attachment to the phallic shape? Any ideas?

and... lunch today :) yum! Lentils cooked with sage, rosemary, chilly and anchovies, with Ian's home-made rye bread.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Freezing and the Fox Hunt

Sydney is freezing!!! Winter has suddenly struck and I have totally forgotten how to dress for cold weather. Might be time to crack out the coats. (I know 16 degrees C is not really cold... but I'm a wimp!)

Today I wore the skirt I bought from Solanah a few months ago when she was cleaning out her shop. It has the most fantastic print of hunting scenes. I hemmed it a few inches shorter, but am thinking of hemming a few more so it sits just above the knee - what do you think? I feel a little bit frumpy with it at this length. I also wore my newly patched cardigan! woot!

Cardigan - J Crew + my patches
skirt - vixen vintage on etsy
tights - myer? not sure
scarf - markets in Thailand
shoes - Wittners

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Make do and mend

The cardigan I wore last weekend is my very favorite cardigan. I bought it on a trip to the US when I was 21 and it has been going strong for 4 years! I wear it ALL the time. The elbows have been getting thinner and thinner, so I decided to do some patch-up work and keep my favorite cardi!

I used Casey's 'secret to perfect patch pockets' - ironing my suede patches over a cardboard cut-out to get the right shape before attaching them.

Then I just sewed them onto the thinning elbows!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I Wore

On the weekend I went out to a friend's place for a craft-a-noon. It was a beautiful day and I took the ferry over the harbor to her place (photos to come). The afternoon was lovely. We ate black bean brownies that I made from a recipe my sister sent and had a refresher on how to knit.

Sydney has funny weather at the moment - cold then hot then cold.... So on Sunday I left with a plan. I wore one of my favorite summer dresses with lots of warm (but thin) layers in the morning, ready to whip them off and pop them in my bag to reveal a summery under-layer once the sun came out.

Dress: Stella Vintage NYC
Cardigan: J Crew
Belt: Alannah Hill
Tights: not sure?
Shoes: Naot

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Autumn... Fall...

On the weekend, a friend of mine was complaining that Australia doesn't really do Autumn very well. We don't have many deciduous trees, there is no impending doom of a freezing icy winter, and people never really get into that autumnal pallet. You can really get away with wearing your summer clothes and throwing a jacket on in the evening!

So when we were heading out to celebrate a birthday last night I decided to dress up in Autumn colours. I figure if the trees can't turn brown, red and orange... at least I can turn my outfit!

Hair Bow - thrifted bow tie
Dress - From Etsy
Cardigan - J Crew
Scarf - markets (maybe in Israel?)
belt - Supre
tights - Myer
shoes - china town
bag - 'nine west' gift from my god mother

Apologies for the strange setting of the photos - we were rushing for the train! So the incredibly beautiful cityrail train station serves as a back-drop.

Art and Bread

I am a little late in posting about the weekend considering it is now Thursday! But here goes...

Sunday was a spectacular day in Sydney. It was hard to believe that it was the second day of May - so sunny and bright and warm. I met friends for breakfast at my favorite Sunday breakfast spot then wandered up to the Art Gallery to see an exhibition of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints (these date from the late 18thC). There is more info about the exhibition on the Gallery website. It was a really stunning show.

I particularly liked the prints of women from the 'pleasure quarter' - a section of the city that was dedicated to courtesans and gambling, segregated in order to give the government the ability to exert greater control over these industries. The prints of these courtesans and actresses were like modern fashion magazines, as these women set the trends with elaborate hair styles and dress. I think Utamaro captured them beautifully. Imagine having your hair twisted and turned and pinned and clipped...ouch! And these fabrics are just incredible.

When I got home Ian had made the most delicious bread (Best yet!!!). He took inspiration from one of my favorite bakeries - The German Bakery - using half rye flour lots of pumpkin seeds, and covering the outside in semolina. Soooooo gooooood.

Then we made lentil soup to go with it. Our soup recipe is inspired by the soup from Cafe Gulia and basically involves cooking the lentils to death in some stock, adding some dried mushrooms, tomato paste, and a few spices (what ever we have at the time!) and topping it with olives and feta. YUM! We also tried a drizzle of red wine vinegar at the end which gave it a nice zing.