Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunny day in spots

Yesterday was gloomy and so was I, so last night I watched Funny Face (so great!), put my hair in pin-curls and willed the sun to come out today... and it did! I quite like the way my hair turned out, I only had it cut short a few weeks ago, so I am still experimenting with styling, although the mini-victory rolls I did had fallen out by the time we got to photo-time.

Ian and I walked over to the cinema to see Kick Ass (quite good!) and took some snaps on the way. I wore the spotty dress I bought at the vintage fair last weekend. It says 'Lemona: American half sizes for height 5'4" and under". I found this pretty funny since I am about 5'9" and it seems to fit quite nicely! I suppose it is supposed to be worn much looser and longer.

Dress - Vintage fair
Belt - Alannah Hill
Socks - CK (from a discount store in NYC)
Shoes - Repetto


  1. OMG you look gorgeous! I reckon you would have been THE cover girl in say the 40s? Though I think you look lovely now too of course.

  2. I loev the colour on you!! your outfits are great. I'm going to definitely keep tabs on your posts.

  3. hahaha thank you both! Ian is a great photographer... he makes me run around like a child. It's lots of fun!


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